Tow Truck Accident Injury FAQ

If you were injured in a tow truck accident in Austin,  Lake Travis, Lakeway, Bee Cave, Central Texas, or anywhere in the state of Texas, you need to turn to experienced legal professionals who understand the complications involved in tow truck accidents in Texas. In the aftermath of a tow truck accident, our clients are often confused, dismayed, and angry. We at Hermes E. Flores want our clients to ask questions about their case. We want them to be engaged and interact with us. We encourage our clients to ask as many questions as they would like until they feel like they are comfortable with us and have a good grasp of the issues involved in their case.TOW TRUCK Accident Injuries

Q: If The Tow Truck Company Has Insurance, Why Can’t I Just Deal With Them Myself?

You can, but you would be doing yourself a great disservice and could jeopardize your valuable rights if you do not consult an attorney. Tow truck companies have insurance for their vehicles. Their insurance companies hire lawyers who are vigilant about saving the insurance company money. They might be pleasant to you and may even seem like nice people; they probably are, but they are not advocates for you. At the end of the day, you need an experienced tow truck attorney to represent you against these seasoned insurance company lawyers who have large legal defense budgets.  Our legal professionals are highly skilled at negotiating with insurance companies. We understand the value of a case and will hold our position firm.

It is important to remember you only get one crack at resolving your claim. You must file your personal injury claim in court within two years from the date of the accident. Also, if you settle your claim without an attorney, you cannot then file an action in court because you believe you made a mistake and settled for less than what your case is worth.  The insurance company will have you sign a release which is a contract that prevents you from going to court and suing for more money.  In the long run, you are not saving any money because you tried to negotiate without a lawyer.

Q: How Long Will It Take Until I Get My Settlement?

The answer to that question depends on the complexity of your case and the issues involved.  Sometimes tow truck accidents are very straightforward, and once medical treatment is completed, then settlement negotiations begin. Other times, however, the liability may not be as apparent. Determining the responsible parties could take a longer amount of time to resolve. For example, if the mechanism of injury was a tow winch that failed, potentially three or four parties are liable. The tow company might be responsible for using the sub-standard and dangerous equipment. The tow company might be liable for failing to train and supervise their employee properly.  Also, the company who manufactured the winch and the company that installed the winch might also be liable for your damages.

Other factors contribute to lengthy negotiations. For example, your medical treatment might take a long time to complete. You need to reach a medical end result so that we can know precisely what your injuries were and what treatment you needed to recover from your injuries. 

Q: Is There Anything I Can Do To Make My Claim Better?

There are a few simple strategies you can use to strengthen your claim. While the strength of your claim largely depends on the actions of the parties that caused the accident, you can make your claim stronger in a couple of ways. You can keep a journal detailing your recovery. Journaling will help you keep your thoughts and emotions clear. You can also write down your memory of the accident and refer to it when necessary. It is also imperative that you keep all of your medical appointments. Being diligent about your recovery makes a difference.

Q: Who Can I Call For Help With My Austin, Lake Travis, Lakeway, Bee Cave Tow Truck Accident?

Contact Hermes E. Flores with questions about your Austin, Lake Travis, Lakeway, Bee Cave tow truck accident. We have years of experience representing clients from Austin, Lake Travis, Lakeway, Bee Cave, Central Texas, and statewide with their tow truck accidents. Call us today at 512-947-9103 to make an appointment for a free consultation. We are available 24/7 to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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