Construction Truck Accident Injuries

With Texas highways always under one form of construction or another, we see plenty of construction truck accidents in the Austin area, Lake Travis, Lakeway, Bee Cave, Central Texas, and all points across the state of Texas. The chance of getting into an accident significantly increases every time we pass one of the many construction zones. On the road, we see dump trucks, concrete mixers, front loaders, steamrollers, bulldozer, excavator, crane, graders, scrapers, and millers. All of these vehicles are large, cumbersome, heavy, and occupy a lot of space. They are difficult to operate and require advanced training to maneuver.  Failure of the construction truck operator to observe all of the safety requirements leads to construction truck accidents. Everyday motorists can be victims of construction truck accidents as well as construction workers.CONSTRUCTION TRUCK Injury

We have many years of experience representing clients injured in construction vehicle accidents in Texas. While every case is different, we have seen patterns emerge from our cases. The first thing we look for is whether the construction truck driver is operating the vehicle in a safe manner. We need to thoroughly investigate the accident and learn as much as we can about the crash. We work with several experts who investigate and reconstruct the accident scene.

There are several indicators we look for to determine whether a construction truck operator is carefully operating his or her vehicle. We want to know if:

  • All safety features, including warning and backing signals are functioning;
  • Whether the area surrounding the truck was safe to maneuver and was verified by the driver or a co-worker;
  • Whether the driver received proper training regarding the operation of the vehicle as well as proper safety training;
  • Whether all of the safety systems such as warning, braking, and steering were operating properly, in good condition, and well-maintained; and
  • The driver and his crew had safety issues before the accident.

Other factors cause construction truck crashes. For instance, the load in a dump truck could shift, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in a crash. Additionally, speed excessive the reasonable always plays a factor in construction truck accidents. In fact, the best safety practice for a dump truck driver is not to back up faster than a person can walk. Driver fatigue is a critical component of safety as well. One major concern is the driver falling asleep at the wheel. Another concern is whether the driver is fatigued enough so that his or her judgment is impaired. Speaking of impairment, we will investigate to learn whether the driver and other employees involved in the crash were under the influence of alcohol or narcotics at the time of the crash. 

Especially along the highway, we study the area in which the accident occurred. Close study and analysis is key to understanding the dynamics of a crash. We examine the scene of the accident to determine whether the construction company provided adequate warning to passing motorists and provided safety measures to their employees. Having an understanding of the area is critical to conveying whether the construction truck driver gave the passing motorists enough room to pass the construction area safely.

As with all of our clients’ cases, we work diligently to determine which parties are liable for your injuries. We look at the driver, the company employing the driver, the general contractor, and manufacturers to ascertain what, if any, liability each might have in the accident.

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